Dance Discovery provides a bulletin to our students and their families during each watch week. We will update this section with the most current issue after every watch week.


Welcome all new and returning students and families from your 2019/2020 Teaching Team:

Melissa Slobodian (Owner/Director)
Bailey English                           Rhiannon Mielnichuk
Erika Walker                             Genenne Gilliard
Carmelle McKinlay                  Edrick Ochoco
Brody Kalwajtys                       Kellie Draper
Darby Watson

Office Administrators: Marilyn P. and Melissa P.

Instructor assistants are students at Dance Discovery who volunteer their time every week to assist in the classroom and share their knowledge and love of dance with our younger students! Welcome Instructor Assistants: Morgan, Isabelle, Madeline, Gillian, Emma, Caitie, Aaliyah and Madeleine!

All students have been registered into a class based on their age. In order for every student to benefit from the class it is extremely important to take into consideration the level of the class. It would not be in the student’s best interest to keep them in a class that is either too difficult or too easy. We appreciate your understanding as we take the month of September to assure correct placement of all students.

Social Media
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Weekly reminders will be posted on our social media pages. It is a great way to receive notification about important studio events and deadlines!

Watch Week – Primary and NC Programs
The first class of September, December, March and June is watch week! We invite you into the class for the last 15 minutes to observe what we have been working on. We limit the amount of watch time because children are most focused and ready to learn when they work one on one with the instructor. Having an audience for them is distracting and decreases the productivity of the program. Ultimately, our goal is to instill as much knowledge as we can into the students.

Attendance of parents is strongly encouraged during the designated watch week; at this time, we will be distributing the studio bulletin as well as remind you of important upcoming dates. Siblings are welcome to watch week AS LONG AS THEY ARE QUIET. It is extremely difficult for students to concentrate or instructors to communicate with the disruption of siblings. We thank you for your understanding.

Our website is designed to also help you stay informed. Every watch week the bulletin will be posted online.

Calendar of Events
Please refer to our calendar of events for any important dates to remember. This includes important information like recital dates and locations, dates tickets for recitals go on sale, picture week, classes on holidays, scheduled watch weeks and competition dates. The calendar is also posted on our website.

We ask that when you come into Dance Discovery you remove your shoes at the door and place them in the shoe rack. Students can then bring their jackets and dance bags to the cubbies located closest to the studio in which their class is held. There are absolutely no outdoor shoes allowed in the studio at any time! We thank you for your cooperation in keeping the studio safe and clean for all of our students!

The non-competitive program is designed for students who want a limited commitment level each week but still want to experience dance and all that the art has to offer.

The non-competitive program encourages students to have FUN as they learn about musicality, self-discipline, posture, grace and the sheer enjoyment of dance.

Should students be looking to progress further beyond their once weekly non-competitive class, Dance Discovery offers additional ballet technique classes!

Technique classes can help a student improve their dance vocabulary beyond their non-competitive class; this can expedite their overall development and provide them new challenges.

If you are a student 8 years of age and up and interested in increasing your time commitment and would like to find out the availability of our ballet technique classes, please contact reception!

At Dance Discovery we want to make sure you are always informed. If at anytime through out the year you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Many questions can also be answered by reviewing our “Policies and Procedure” page that was given with your information package in August as well as our “Calendar of Events” that was distributed during September Watch Week. Both pages are also posted on our website.

Monday to Thursday 4:00-9:00
Saturday 9:00-2:00

A full collection of Dd apparel is available at reception in both youth and adult sizes! These items are great for cover-ups to take you to and from the studio or a trendy and comfortable outfit that is ideal for dance class!
POPSOCKET: $15                  LEGGINGS: $45
TANK TOP: $35                     CROP TOP: $45
HOODIE: $40                        SHORTS: $40