Our Policies

Registration Fees

There is a nonrefundable registration fee of $30.00 per student or $50.00 per family due upon registration. The registration fee is payable by cash, cheque or debit.

Lesson Fees

Lesson Fees are a yearly rate that is broken down into 4 installments.

The four installments are due: September  1st, October 1st, January 1st and April 1st.

For example:

If the yearly rate for your program is $490.00, the installments will be:

September 1st:       $49.00

October 1st:           $147.00

January 1st:           $147.00

April 1st:               $147.00

  • The yearly rate includes 35 instructional classes, the instructor’s time at recitals and picture week
  • All lesson fees have GST already included
  • There are two payment methods for lesson fees:
    • Postdated cheques (dated for each installation due date)
    • Pre-authorized credit card payments that are processed on each installation due date
  • Our payment system is for convenience only and has no direct relationship to the number of classes in a month
  • All lesson fees are to be submitted during the scheduled payment set-up dates listed in your confirmation package. 
  • Debit and cash payments are only accepted if the year’s worth of lesson fees are paid in full in September
  • All lesson fees are nonrefundable once processed
  • Monthly payments are an option for students who dance more than 4 hours a week

Family Rates

For families who have multiple children enrolled in the competitive program, a discount for lesson fees will apply. The first child will pay the full amount with each additional child receiving a 10% discount in their lesson fees. There will be a maximum monthly payment capping at $545.00 for a family of 2 children and $655.00 for a family of 3 children.

Costume Fees

  • All costume fees are to be submitted along with your lesson fees during the scheduled payment set-up dates listed in your confirmation package 
  • There are two payment methods for costume fees:
    • Postdated cheque (dated for October 15th)
    • Pre-authorized credit card that is processed on October 15th
  • Your registration form outlines what is payable for all regular classes and does not include extra routines such as solos, duets/trios
  • All costume fees are nonrefundable
  • Costume fees cover the cost of the costume, shipping/handling charges and all custom/duty charges
  • All costumes are ordered based on the measurements of each student along with the measurement charts supplied by costume catalogues. Costumes are not custom made costumes and minor alterations are sometimes needed. Your costume fee does not cover alterations. If alterations are needed you have the option of doing the alterations yourself, taking them to a seamstress or using the studio seamstress for an additional fee.

Competition Fees

  • All competition fees are to be submitted during the scheduled payment set-up dates listed in your confirmation package and postdated to November 15th
  • Competition fees can be paid in installments if you choose, with the following installment dates only: October 15th, November 1st and November 15th
  • Competition fees can be paid by postdated cheque only
  • Competition fees are based on the cost of the previous year and are subject to change
  • All competition fees are nonrefundable


Receipts are available upon request and must be picked up at reception. Receipts will not be mailed out.

Service Charges

There will be a $30.00 service charge for any dishonored cheque or credit card payment. Clients will be notified via e-mail within 14 days of dishonored payment.


If you wish to discontinue lessons at any time throughout the year, formal notice to the office will be required by phone call, email or in person. In order to stop payment to the account, notice to the office must be received two weeks before the next payment date. If notice is not received prior to the two-week deadline, the next payment will be processed. Lack of attendance is not a form of cancellation.

Once a cancellation has been received, the student has the option of finishing the term in which they have paid. Lesson, costume and competition fees will not be refunded once they are processed.

Watch Week for Primary and Non-Competitive Programs

Watch week is designed for you to watch a portion of your child’s class as well as to communicate all important information regarding studio events. Watch week is scheduled for the last 15 minutes of your child’s first class during the month of September, December, March and June ONLY. Attendance is strongly encouraged in order to stay informed of any upcoming studio events. Our bulletin will be distributed during watch week. We also post our bulletin on our website as well as the bulletin board located in the lobby/entryway. Please use these resources to assist you in staying informed.

Watch Week for Competitive Programs

There will be no watch weeks held for students in the competitive program. All communication will be done via email. If meetings are necessary, parents will be notified via email of the scheduled meeting. More information regarding this policy will be supplied in your competitive handbook, which will be received via email the first week of classes.

Viewing Windows

Viewing windows remain closed for all primary, non-competitive, pre-competitive and competitive classes under the age of 11. Windows are opened at the instructor’s discretion for any classes above the age of 11. We want every student to benefit from the class they are enrolled in therefore, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding our viewing window policy. 

Studio and Lobby Etiquette

We want everyone’s experience at Dance Discovery to be a positive one; therefore, we aim to achieve a positive and friendly atmosphere within the studio at all times.

Patron Expectations at Dance Discovery:

  • The studio will be opened 15 minutes prior to the first class each day and closed 15 minutes after the last class of the evening. We encourage parents not to leave students in the lobby any longer than 15 minutes prior to their class beginning and 15 minutes after their class finishing. Dance Discovery will not be held responsible for students in the lobby any time that extends beyond what is listed in the above policy.
  • If, throughout the season, you have a question or concern, we are more than happy to help so long as the question or concern is addressed in an appropriate manner. Any concerns are to be dealt with in the privacy of the office in a respectable manner.
  • Negative comments, conversation or behavior in the lobby will not be tolerated, dance-related or otherwise, in order to keep the environment positive.
  • No tap shoes are allowed in the lobby at any time in order to prevent injury and property damage.
  • All outdoor shoes are to be removed at the front door.
  • Siblings are welcome in the lobby but we ask that they are mindful of classes that are in session. Only quiet activities will be acceptable. Please no running, screaming or moving furniture. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure their children in the lobby are behaving appropriately.
  • Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to class. No food, pop or juice is permitted in the studio.

Dressing Room Procedures

Dress rooms are by assignment only. If you are not assigned a dressing room, please use the washrooms for all your changing needs and the cubbies in the hallway to store your belongings.

Lost and Found

After every Watch Week, the Lost and Found will be cleaned out and any articles that remain will be given to Goodwill.

Recital Costs and Etiquette

Recitals are an additional event organized by the studio to give students an opportunity to showcase what they have worked so hard to achieve.

    • Recitals are held at the Myer Horowitz Theatre
    • Tickets cost $15.00 to $25.00 each
    • Tickets are purchased at Dance Discovery reception and are non-refundable once purcahsed
    • Any person watching the show over the age of 2 requires a ticket
    • Children under 2 years of age will receive a complimentary “babes in arm” ticket
    • Tickets must be presented at the door
    • Admission will not be given to any person without a ticket or any person who has lost or misplaced their ticket


Competition Costs and Etiquette

When attending competitions, we want to ensure all comments regarding performers and the studio they represent are positive. When performers and their families overhear negative comments or unkind remarks, it can be devastating. When attending competitions, all students and parents are required to represent themselves, as well as the studio, in a positive and professional manner. Photography and videotaping is not permitted at any competition.

Aside from the competition fees paid in November, some competitions also have an admission fee for any patrons attending the competition. This fee is set forth by the company hosting the competition and has no involvement with Dance Discovery. This is a cost that is paid at the door and could range from $4.00 to $8.00 per person per day.

Competitive Program Enrollment

It is of most importance for Dance Discovery to ensure students are placed in programs that allow them to be successful based on their current physical and emotional readiness. Enrollment into the competitive program is based on recommendation only. Students must be assessed by the director before permanently being placed in any class. Classes are evaluated at the end of each season and are structured the following season as the director sees fit.

Expectations for Competitive Students

Students in a competitive program have a set of expectations and policies in addition to what is listed above. These policies are disclosed in a “Competitive Handbook” that is distributed via email at the beginning of each dance season.